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About The Salsa Congress

Do you have any idea what does the word Salsa mean? We do!

Motherland of Salsa is Cuba.
Birthplace is the street.
Parents are the people.

So What is Salsa?

There is a lot of legends around Salsa .A few decades ago Europe has taken an interest in Latin American rhythms: Nowadays we are able to hear Latin American rhythms in pubs ,at the parties, at home, at work…

The tradition became very fashionable in our country. Salsa won the hearts .This dance came into fashion in the category of social, public, for the daily performance, anywhere and with anybody. Speaking about social dances we are not going to talk about the dance gift. As a dance Salsa-is the special style of behavior, it s the way of life. Salsa Club Dance Studio was created with a view to develop and spread Latin American culture in Ukraine. Among people who can easily move to the Latin American music, such dances became a favourite .It s hard to compete with the glamour and dazzle. Salsa Club Dance Studio was created in 1997 and nowadays is the main organizer of all events in the sphere of Latin American culture popularization both in Kyiv and in Ukraine.

We has created the branches in Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv, Cherkassy, Donetsk, Simferopol, Nikolaev, Vinnitsa, Khmelnytsky, Feodosia.

During this period of time we have taught to dance more than 4000 people.

Our apprentices are the winners of the many Ukrainian contests and created their own s dancing schools.

Salsa Club Dance Studio teaches different styles of Salsa. The teaching is running in accordance with the specially developed methodology. Moreover Salsa Club is regularly arranging parties and discotheques, organizing seminars, congresses ,festivals directed to the development of this style in Ukraine. The main project of the Studio is The International Salsa Congress "Salsa Mayovka". The main goal is the presentation of the different international instructors and modern Latin American styles.

    Every Spring at the beginning of May be ready for:
  • 3 days of master classes with the world-famous instructors-choreographers.
  • 3 days of dazzling parties with lively music
  • 3 days of extravaganza show-programs with the participation of the famous Ukrainian dance studios and international instructors.

At this time we are waiting for you again at the 10th International Salsa Congress "Salsa Mayovka" which ll hold from 9th till the 11th of May.

Why it can be interesting for you?

Because we are not acquainted with people who are indifferent to the Latin American dances.

We are not acquainted with indifferent people to the merriment.

We are not acquainted with indifferent people.

According to psychologists, in everyday life the dances serves a wonderful depression medicine -the modern civilization s scourge. Life is the movement, so join us and dance with us!

Project manager "Salsa Club"